WEC's membership is made up of over 90 autonomous Member Committees. Each Member Committee represents the broadest possible range of energy and energy-related interests in its country and often includes representatives from governments and energy companies working together to find solutions to common problems. All WEC members must join through their country's Member Committee.

Membership in the National Committee of Bulgaria to the World Energy Council (NCBWEC) is open to every Bulgarian organisation. The NCBWEC provides access for its Members to the global reach and services of WEC.

All Members of NCBWEC have full and equal opportunity to participate in the activities of the Council and to take advantage of the benefits. The Members form the General Assembly and thus they can govern the NCBWEC activities.

Current Members of the National Committee of Bulgaria to WEC: 

Corporate members

Bulgarian Energy Holding EAD
Bulgargaz EAD
Bulgartransgaz EAD
Energoremont Holding JSC
Energy Insurance Company AD
EVN Bulgaria
Kozloduy NPP
Mini Maritsa Iztok EAD
Risk Engineering Ltd.
Siemens Bulgaria
TPP Maritsa East 2 EAD


Albena Trassieva
Alexander Nenkov
Angel Minev

Atanas Georgiev
Dimitar Buchkov

Emil Gavrilov
Georgi Nikolov
Ivanka Dilovska
Jordan Tenev
Kamen Radivoev
Kiril Gegov
Konstantin Delisivkov
Konstantin Stamenov
Lulin Radulov
Milko Kovachev
Nikolay Minkov
Simeon Batov
Soyan Neshev
Tasko Ermenkov
Valentin Nikolov
Vasil Hadzhiev
Yavor Stoyanov