Actions to reduce restrictions on large combustion plants


A series of actions to protect the national interest concerning the planned restrictions for the large combustion plants have been taken. This was announced by the Deputy Energy Minister Konstantin Delisivkov, during the discussion on the perspectives of the Bulgarian mining, in the context of the forthcoming changes in the reference document of the Commission on the best available techniques for large combustion plants.

A change in the Reference Document on best available techniques for large (> 50MW) combustion plants is foreseen. The document is expected to be passed in April this year by a special commission set up by Member States within the art. 75 of Directive 2010/75/EU on industrial emissions. According to Delisivkov, it is very difficult to comply with the reference values for emissions of mercury, nitrogen oxides, and sulfur dioxide from power plants burning coal and this may jeopardize the development of mining and energy sectors both domestically and in Europe.

Source: Ministry of Energy