All buildings will be subject to energy efficiency certification 


The scope of the buildings subject to energy efficiency certification will be expanded - it will include all buildings in operation. This is provided in the amendments to the Energy Efficiency Act, approved by the Parliament today.

The amendments transpose into the Bulgarian legislation the requirements of Directive 2012/27/EC on energy efficiency and Directive 2010/31/EC on the energy performance of buildings. To fulfill those requirements, an infringement procedures has been opened against Bulgaria.

The amendments regulate the application of the requirements for energy efficiency and energy savings when purchasing or renting buildings by State public entities, as well as procurement for the supply of products related to energy consumption.

Following the proposal of the Sustainable Energy Development Agency, the amendments allowed implementation of alternative measures to achieve the national energy efficiency target by 2020. An alternative measure is one that provides energy savings at end users, not covered by the individual commitments of traders. This will cover all measures that lead to energy savings, in order to meet the cumulative target in a cost-effective way.

Source: Ministry of Energy