Development of a set of measures for stabilization of TPP "Maritza East 2" EAD


A working group, formed by the Bulgarian Energy Minister, emcompassing experts from the Ministry of Energy, companies from the group of the Bulgarian Energy Holding EAD and the Sustainable Energy Development Agency, analyzed the financial and economic situation of TPP Maritsa East 2 EAD and developed proposals to stabilize the company.

One of the short-term measures envisages the purchase of greenhouse gas allowances of the Maritza East 2 TPP for 2018 with the funds of BEH EAD by the end of the current year. Meanwhile, experts from the Ministry of Energy and SEDA will hold discussions with EU Member States to consider the possibility of statistical emissions transfers in line with the Renewable Energy Act.

The working group proposes, as one of the measures, to analyze the possibility for the Maritsa East 2 TPP to take advantage of the legal right to bring critical infrastructure costs to EWRC.

In the long run, the experts will continue working on the implementation of European practices that could help keeping the capacity of TPP Maritza East 2 EAD.

Source: Ministry of Energy