EC approved the proposed by Bulgaria allocation of free greenhouse gas allowances for 2016


The EC Directorate-General for Climate Action approved the proposed allocation of free greenhouse gases allowances of Bulgaria for 2016 under the National Investment Plan 2013 – 2020.

In 2016, the country has the right to allocate 6 528 467 free allowances among 23 operators participating in the National Investment Plan. Against the allowances they are required to invest a total of 44 458 860 euro (the number of allowances multiplied by the reference price for the year, which is 6,81 euro) in improving the environmental performance of their electricity production.

The share of the free allowances in the total number of the needed such allowances has gradually decreased over the years. In 2013, they covered about 70% of the operators’ needs, while in 2016 the rate is about 40%.

The Minister of Energy organizes and controls the implementation of the National Investment Plan in accordance with the provisions of the Energy Act, and assesses the progress in meeting the requirements of Directive 2003/87/EC. In 2013 Bulgaria was allowed to benefit from a derogation under Article 10c (5) of the Directive, to ensure the sustainable transition to low-carbon economy based on the modernization of generating capacities, clean technologies, reconstruction and modernization of infrastructure, diversification of the energy mix and of the energy supply sources.

Earlier this year, the Minister of Energy presented to the EC a summary report on the implementation in 2016. The current EC Communication comes in response to this report. By it, DG Climate Actions informs that the review of the report has been completed and the transfer of the free allowances has been approved.

Source: Ministry of Energy