Energy Efficiency Act approved by the Parliament


The new Energy Efficiency Act is harmonized with the requirements of the Energy Efficiency Directive (Directive 2012/27/EC). 

The law regulates the way, in which the national energy efficiency target for 2020 is set. To support the implementation of that target, the Act introduces the objective of improving the energy end-use efficiency, by setting individual targets to the obliged parties. These parties are all suppliers of fuel and energy retailers, with the exception of suppliers of fuels for transport.

The Act regulates the development of national energy efficiency action plans and the national plan to improve the energy performance of all heated and / or cooled buildings - state property, used by the state administration. The Act introduces the possibility to issue a certificate for individual parts of buildings, if these parts have different functions - this is another new aspect of the Act.

All large enterprises will undergo an energy audit at least once every four years.

Source: Ministry of Energy