New prices for gas, heat, and electricity from CHP


The new gas price is 23.02% lower than the previous quarter. Since the beginning of 2015, there is about 48% price decrease.

In its decision, the Regulator approved the following prices as of 1st April 2016:

Natural gas. The price of natural gas for retailers and customers connected to the gas network will be 312.21 BGN / 1000 nm3 or 33.56 BGN / MWh, without excise duty and VAT.  At the same time, 7.72 lev / 1000 nm3, without excise duty and VAT, are added to the price for the second quarter of 2016, at which the public supplier should sell natural gas to the gas retailers, in relation to the low pressure network price.

Heat and electricity produced by district heating CHPs. The price of electricity generated by CHP units at district heating companies decreases by 14 - 20 %. The heat price, paid by district heating consumers across the country decreases as follows: in Sofia - 5.64%, Plovdiv - 0.17%, Pleven - 9.13%, Burgas - 4.33%, Varna - 4.89%, Vratsa - 11.53%, Razgrad - 11.32 %.

Source: Energy and Water Regulatory Commission