Start of the construction of the Dobrudzha-Burgas power line


The Bulgarian Electricity System Operator EAD started the construction of a new 86-kilometer power line between Varna and Burgas substations (Dobrudzha-Burgas).

The construction of the power line is expected to improve the security of South East Europe's electricity transmission system. At the same time, the security of the interconnections between Bulgaria and Romania will be ensured.

The implementation of the investment has attracted funding from the Connecting Europe Facility of EUR 30 million for the construction of the new 400 kV internal power line between Dobrudzha and Burgas. The facility is part of a group of projects of common interest "Expansion of transmission capacity between Bulgaria and Romania", necessary for the realization of the priority European North-South Corridor. The group of projects is jointly implemented by the Bulgarian and Romanian system operators and includes, in addition to the new power line, a high voltage line on the Bulgarian territory and three domestic lines on the Romanian territory.

The implementation of the projects will solve the basic infrastructure needs for increasing the transmission capacity of the power grid, will improve the security of supply in the region and will accelerate market integration.