The Council of Ministers approved the update of the Energy Strategy of the Republic of Bulgaria until 2020


The proposal for amendment of the document was made by the Minister for Energy on the grounds of Art. 4, paragraph 2, item 1 of the Energy Act. The main motif is the implementation of key activities for the development of the gas transmission infrastructure in the Republic of Bulgaria.

After 1st January 2020, a significant change in the supply routes of natural gas across North-South Bulgaria to the South-North, as well as a potential reduction in the quantities transited across the country are expected. The development of key infrastructure projects in the region will change the main directions and routes of the natural gas flows - TurkStream, Southern Gas Corridor, Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline, Trans-Adriatic Gas Pipeline, Greece – Bulgaria interconnection, the project for a new LG terminal in Alexandroupolis (in which the Bulgarian side considers the possibility to participate by acquiring shares).

In the context of the European objectives for building an interconnected and integrated energy market, our country is working on the realization of the concept of Balkan gas distribution center on the Bulgarian territory. A prerequisite for the realization of the hub is the construction of the necessary infrastructure to ensure the flow of natural gas according to the requests submitted by the users. As the main sources of supply to the gas distribution center, the Bulgarian side considers Russian natural gas, local extraction from Bulgaria and Romania, natural gas from the South Gas Corridor, from the United States, Qatar, Algeria, Egypt through existing and new liquefied natural gas terminals. In order to provide a competitive market in Bulgaria and in the region, the development of a platform for trade in natural gas is envisaged.

Abbreviated from 3e-news