The energy Regulators of Bulgaria and the Republic of Macedonia discussed specific issues for deepening bilateral cooperation


The Bulgarian Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (EWRC) and the Energy Regulatory Commission of the Republic of Macedonia have the will to develop and deepen bilateral cooperation on all topics of mutual interest in the field of electricity, natural gas and water services. The efforts of the two regulatory bodies are focused on the interaction at multilateral level within the newly established forum for regional cooperation of national regulators from the Balkan region in order to develop a stable regulatory and market framework that contributes to investments in electricity, gas and water sector . These were the main points of the meeting between the managers of the two regulators.

The meeting examined the implementation of the activities of the Co-operation Agreement signed a year ago and guidelines for future cooperation were identified. EWRC stated its willingness to support the Macedonian side in the implementation of the European directives and regulations in the national legislation and to provide assistance in the pre-accession talks on the Energy Chapter.

Representatives of the two national regulators exchanged information on a wide range of issues of mutual interest in the field of energy and water services pricing, the expansion of electricity and gas connections in the Balkan region, the role of energy efficiency and others. A common position on the key role that the two national regulators play in promoting competition in the energy sector of the countries was underlined. At the same time, they will fully support the expansion of the connectivity of the energy markets of Bulgaria and Macedonia as a step towards the creation of regional electricity and natural gas markets. In this respect it was expressed satisfaction with the progress of the project to unite the stock electricity markets on both sides in the segment "day ahead" and to actively build interconnections in the region, thus opening up new prospects for alternative sources and supplies at competitive prices.

Source: EWRC