The price of natural gas rises by almost 14% in the fourth quarter of 2018


The Energy and Water Regulatory Commission has approved the prices at which Bulgargas EAD will sell natural gas to the end supplier and customers connected to the gas transmission network during the last quarter of 2018, which is 13,89% higher than the current price.

The new price has been formed on the basis of an analysis of the economic justification in the application of Bulgargaz EAD, reporting of the change in the pricing factors and after calculation according to the applied price model.

The price, which is set in EWRC’s decision is BGN 456,65/1000 nm3 or BGN 43,28/MWh (excise duty and VAT excluded). It includes the “public supply” service component of BGN 6,17/1000 nm3 and the “public service obligation” component of BGN 1,40/1000 nm3. The price of natural gas does not include prices for access and transmission through the gas transmission network and the customers should pay them to the end suppliers under the procedure of the Method for setting prices for access and transmission of natural gas through the gas transmission networks owned by Bulgartransgaz EAD.

The amount of the accompanying fees for access, transmission, distribution and supply of natural gas is kept, so the increase in the price for final customers (residential and business) will be below 8%.

Source: EWRC