Common assembly of NCBWEC on June 19th, 2018


The annual general assembly of the National Committee of Bulgaria to WEC was held on June 19th, 2018. NCBWEC members adopted the 2018 work programme and got acquainted with the detailed report of the past activities and financial standing of the organization.

The Chairman of the Steering Committee, Mr. Valentin Nikolov, outlined the 2017 key moments on the NCBWEC’s agenda:

  • NCBWEC supported the report of the European agency for coal and lignites (Eurocoal) regarding the EC’s reference document on the best available techniques for the large combustion installations, LPC BREF, by summoning on revision of the limitations laid down by the EC.
  • Running of a Seminar with the participation of the regional manager for Europe, Einari Kisel, at which the World Energy Issues Monitor 2017 and World Energy Scenarios 2060 were presented.
  • NCBWEC supported the candidature of Yana Popovska, founder and executive director of the European center for energy and geopolitical analyses, for the Programme for the future energy leaders (FEL-100).
  • NCBWEC organized a common session with the Energy Commission to the 44th National Assembly.
  • NCBWEC organized an expert discussion entitled “New model of the Bulgarian power market – challenges and opportunities” with the participation of the Deputy Minister of Energy, Zhecho Stankov.

The General Assembly voted the budget of the Association and the membership fee for 2018 and adopted two new members – “OZK Insurance” and Fund “Security of Power System”.