Greetings about the Bulgarian Energy Day


Ladies and gentlemen,
Dear colleagues,

I would like, on the eve of the professional holiday, Energy Day, June 19th, 2016, to wish you and your families health and successful professional career!

Decision 231 of the Council of Ministers of 23 May 1967 pays honor and respect to the Bulgarian energy professionals and designates the day for celebrating their holiday. It is known that energy is a key driver for any economy. In Bulgaria, one of the largest and most qualified communities was created in the energy sector. Tens of thousands of Bulgarians are employed in the extraction of energy resources, production and distribution of electricity, heat, and gas. It is the energy field that faces some of the greatest challenges: the liberalization of the electricity and gas markets, increasing the competitiveness of the economy, protection of vulnerable consumers, and protection of the environment. The energy professionals are taking and will take the responsibility for solving these problems.


Valentin Nikolov
Chairman of the National Committee of Bulgaria to WEC