Highlights of the meeting with the regional coordinator of WEC for Europe


On May 11th, 2017, representatives of the Executive Board, corporate and individual members of the Bulgarian WEC Committee met the Regional Manager of WEC for Europe, Mr. Einari Kisel.

The participants in the meeting discussed the energy sector challenges and the opportunities for the Bulgarian WEC Committee to join the activities and working groups of the organization. Mr. Kisel presented the “World Energy Issues Monitor 2017” and outlined several key issues, i.e. the increasing of resources’ prices, environmental threats, technological future. Among the main conclusions of the report, the following could be underlined:

  • Natural resources management is of highest importance for every region in the world and the great energy demand predetermines their high prices;
  • The use of coal and nuclear energy is envisaged to be reduced;
  • On the contrary, the use of renewable energy sources will be increased;
  • Technologies will determine the future, because their utilization would allow the reaching of a balance between consumers’ satisfaction and environmental security.

The latest issue of World Energy Scenarios 2060 attracted the interest. It was presented in October 2016 and formulated three prospective scenarios for the development of world energy till 2060. These scenarios are:

  • “Modern jazz” – digital, innovative, market-driven world;
  • “Unfinished symphony” – world, in which more intelligent and sustainable economic growth models emerge;
  • “Hard rock”- explores the consequences of weaker and unsustainable economic growth in a fragmented world.

The discussion panel was devoted to the most pressing issues for the Bulgarian energy sector, such as the full liberalization of the energy market and the big energy infrastructure projects.