The Bulgarian National Committee to WEC took part in the off-site meeting of the Energy Committee to the Bulgarian Parliament


Representatives of NCBWEC took part in the off-site meeting of the Energy Committee to the 44th National Assembly, which was held on 25 – 27 June in the “Golden Sands” resort. The main topics of discussions focused on the construction of the “Balkan” gas hub, energy efficiency, energy market liberalization and others.

The Chairman of NCBWEC, Valentin Nikolov, presented the 2016 report of the World Energy Council on the energy efficiency. The study is divided into two parts: the first one is devoted to the energy consumption of industry, households, transport and tertiary sector in selected countries and regions. The second part focuses on energy efficiency measures and policies implemented by local and state institutions.

The main conclusions of the WEC report are:

  • Countries, rich in energy resources, invest in more energy intensive branches.
  • Europe has the lowest energy intensity per unit of GDP in terms of purchasing power parity (2005 prices).
  • Slow improvements in the energy efficiency have contributed to the saving of 3,6 Gtoe of energy and 7 Gt of CO2 emissions in the world since the beginning of the 21st century.
  • National energy efficiency agencies are established in 60% of the countries covered by the study. These institutions are financially supported by the state budgets but there are developed countries in which these bodies are financed by external funds.
  • In 50% of the countries covered by the report there are autonomous energy efficiency laws and there is a trend towards lower energy consumption.
  • Regulatory basis is needed to stimulate energy efficiency improving.